Add CoinSearchr to Firefox

Easily search cryptocurrencies natively from within Firefox.

  1. Add: From this page, right-click in the URL bar, and select "Add CoinSearchr".
  2. Configure: Go to the Hamburger Menu in the top-right corner > Settings > Search > Search Shortcuts, and assign a Keyword Shortcut (e.g., "cs") to the CoinSearchr search engine.
  3. Search: To search using CoinSearchr, go to the address bar, and type "cs", followed by your search term. For example, type "cs dogecoin" into the address bar.
  4. Get Suggestions: As you type, suggestions will pop up. Select any suggestion to view more details for that coin, or preview the Price and Market Cap from the suggestion.

More details can be found in Mozilla's "Add a search engine from the address bar" guide on Mozilla's support site.