Add CoinSearchr to Vivaldi Browser

Easily search cryptocurrencies natively from within Vivaldi Browser.

  1. Add to Vivaldi
    1. Click the Gear in the bottom-left corner.
    2. Go to "Search".
    3. Click the "+" button in "Search Engines" to add a new Search Engine.
    4. Fill out the following properties:
      • Name: CoinSearchr
      • Nickname: cs
      • URL:
      • Suggest URL:
    5. In the "Allow Search Suggestions" section, check all three boxes ("In Address Field", "Only when Using Search Engine Nickname", and "In Search Field").
  2. Search: To search using CoinSearchr, go to the address bar, and type "cs", followed by your search term. For example, type "cs dogecoin" into the address bar.
  3. Get Suggestions: As you type, suggestions will pop up. Select any suggestion to view more details for that coin, or preview the Price and Market Cap from the suggestion.